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Product Marking and Labeling

Mark Performance

Make an impression with high quality labels designed to meet unique product needs and customer expectations. From simple UPC labels to complex warning labels, Taylor Communications has it covered.

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Profits That Stick

Optimization across the Oceans

A global HVAC manufacturer saved more than $7.4 million with our continuous process improvement. Labels for its worldwide facilities were standardized and kitted, eliminating 2,000+ SKUs. An automated process for producing nameplates improved accuracy and generated over 12% cost savings. Automated ordering and billing improved supply chain efficiencies. And the transition to digital product label printing substantially reduced print, inventory and obsolescence costs.

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Lean Product Labels

Addressing Hidden Costs

The cost of a product label includes materials, manufacturing and the supplier’s profit margin (majority). There are so many “hidden” costs for real savings with the label manufacturing.
  • Engineers designing labels vs products
  • Manufacturing engineers troubleshooting vs improving operations
  • Number of SKU’s in the ERP system
  • Number of inventory turns
  • Cost of inventory and obsolescence

Learn How to Unveil Hidden Costs

Product Marking and Labeling Solution


  • Innovative design services
  • Supplier consolidation
  • Agency compliance
  • Kitting and consolidation
  • Mexico and U.S. production
  • Translation services
  • Electronic cataloging
  • Turnkey tooling and automation


  • Guarantee color quality
  • Ensure brand consistency
  • Assure regulatory compliance
  • Streamline production
  • Explore savings opportunities
  • Improve customer service
  • Gain supply chain visibility
  • Respond quickly to changing market conditions