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SMARTworks® RxHistory

Prevent Adverse Drug Events

Make immediate and significant improvements to the medication reconciliation process with this cloud-based workflow and content management application which supports the collection, validation and verification of a patient’s active medications.

Capture medication history automatically with medication reconciliation software. Schedule a demo.

Reduce Risk of ADE

Timely, Comprehensive Information

One study projects that up to 70% of potential errors and 15% of all Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) could be prevented by standardizing the medication reconciliation process. While there is no absolute answer for eradicating ADEs, a standardized approach to Rx medication reconciliation can provide a uniform, risk-adverse environment to improve patient safety and the quality of care.

  • Provide a snapshot of patient medications that can be easily validated with the patient or family
  • Simplify forms completion to provide admitting practitioners with immediate information
  • Enable clinicians to respond quickly to appropriate treatment

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Improve Accuracy

Comprehensive Med History

With medication reconciliation software, clinicians can improve outcomes by creating a reliable and complete medication history that generates a patient medication list from a comprehensive health integrated network that captures data from pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers.

  • Generate an “as filled” prescription medication list from pharmacies and data from payers and PBMs
  • Provide prescription “signature data” that offers medication dosage information such as dose, form, route, and frequency
  • Adapt easily to most healthcare settings - inpatient, outpatient, emergency, ambulatory, and long term care

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Streamline Workflow

More Productive Use of Time

RxHistory automates the tedious part of gathering the history of a patient’s prescriptions enabling clinicians, pharmacists and practitioners to focus on what they do best.

Streamline workflows to:

  • Reduce time-consuming tasks of identifying pills and phoning pharmacies
  • Improve communication between patients, families, and clinicians by providing a consistent medication history
  • Provide pharmacists and clinicians with a more accurate medication history
  • Support efforts to meet National Patient Safety Goal #3

Automate the Medication History Gathering Process by Contacting Healthcare Sales

Product Description

SMARTworks RxHistory is a cloud-based workflow and content management application that significantly improves the medication reconciliation process by gathering and verifying a patient’s medication history directly from the prescription access points.

“Over 770,000 people are injured or die each year in hospitals from adverse drug events.”

Source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

SMARTworks RxHistory


  • Pulls from hospital information systems to provide medication history
  • Offers objective data for patient validation
  • Generates an “as-filled” prescription medication list from pharmacies
  • Provides valuable decision support to your physicians


  • Enhances patient safety with a standardized medication reconciliation process
  • Improves communication between physicians and other caregivers
  • Reduces opportunities for adverse drug events
  • Supports patient safety goals

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