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Standard Register, Inc.

Partner Information

One company alone cannot always meet enterprise-wide needs, so partnering with top providers allows us to offer a broader range of solutions to help our customers reach their information solution goals. Standard Register works with many partners to deliver quality solutions that benefit customers.
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We have several kinds of partner relationships. And in some cases, we share multiple relationships with our partners. The more typical partner relationships are as follows:

Referral Partners
A customer who could benefit from our solutions, pass them to us and we will take it from there. We conduct the discovery with the potential customer.

Solution and Services Reseller
A consulting services firm or leading application provider who wants to resell our solutions, We provide sales, marketing, training, tools, and a support organization to support integration and customer service. To this: We make available sales, marketing, training, tools, and a support organization to deliver integration and customer service. 

ISV Solutions Partners
Independent Software Vendors provide great value through joint integration. Together we can build integrated solutions for customers that create new value in the market.

Some of our valued partners


Partner Showcase

Salesforce.com, Inc. provides enterprise cloud computing solutions to various businesses and industries worldwide. Its service offerings include Sales Cloud, which enables companies to grow their sales pipelines, close deals, improve sales productivity, and gain business insights; Service Cloud that enables companies to connect with their customers and address their service and support needs; Marketing Cloud for its customers to listen to conversations taking place on public social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs; and salesforce Platform, which enables its customers, independent software vendors, and third-party developers to develop applications in various programming languages, including Java and Ruby. Founded in 1999 they are headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Standard Register and salesforce.com have partnered by providing their global customer base with a certified AppEx application. We provide an integration from salesforce.com to our local marketing platform, SMARTWorks. This provides the ability to for customers to increase message relevance to grow the right relationships, gain marketing autonomy while keeping a strong brand image, and allows them to understand the relationship between sales process and market ready content consumed by sales. You can see our application on the AppExchange.

In their own words
“The future of enterprise apps is social, mobile, and connected,” said Leyla Seka, vice president, AppExchange and Partner Operations, salesforce.com. “The SMARTworks Connect application helps marketers optimize their supply chain and make better decisions about the content marketing mix.”

Recently purchased by Salesforce.com, ExactTarget is a best in class, global marketing SaaS software leader. They focus on targeting the marketer and are driven to a single mission to inspire and enable organizations to leverage digital marketing to drive phenomenal business results.

The nature of business communications is changing. It’s faster. Interactive. Mobile. Digital. And Standard Register, with its ecosystem of technology partners, is helping customers accelerate their transformations. The SMARTworks® Direct Mail Connector app is our latest partner innovation and is one of the inaugural apps available in ExactTarget's HubExchange marketplace, built by marketers for marketers.

In Their Own Words
“With the ExactTarget Interactive Marketing Hub, marketers have a single view of all cross-channel marketing activities and real-time data in one dashboard. We are excited to offer the SMARTWorks® Direct Mail capabilities to our clients--providing another key messaging channel within the Hub. Now, marketers can combine the power of direct mail with our existing digital messaging capabilities, like email, mobile, social, and web.”  - Joe Wachs, ExactTarget HubExchange

Marketing Supply Chain Solutions

Standard Register and UPS®…working together to optimize Marketing Logistics™. We understand that the best product or program can’t be successful if the critical last steps of kitting, fulfillment and shipment aren’t handled properly. We manage kitting and fulfillment projects from simple sales sheets to individually customized, complex, multi-piece packages. So, whether you’re sending an update to your distributed sales team or preparing for a new product launch, we make your job easier. We put forth the time and care to ensure that your marketing materials arrive quickly and accurately.

The Marketing Logistics™ Center is located near the UPS Worldport international hub in Louisville, KY. This co-location allows extended order times and access to next day delivery anywhere around the world. Get real time visibility to shipment status. Track your packages, reroute delivery, or stop a shipment altogether with UPS software.

Marketing Supply Chain Solutions