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Seamlessly Connect Sales with Marketing

Marketing with Local Relevancy

Attract, retain and grow your business by enabling sales with access to market-ready content they can personalize and deliver for local relevancy. Using SMARTworks Content Distribution Platform, companies can integrate with CRM to easily track and measure results. Our sales enablement solution helps to:

  • Drive brand consistency & compliance
  • Integrate the online & offline channels to deliver targeted & relevant interactions
  • Gain insight into campaign & sales effectiveness
  • Create operational & cost efficiencies

See How Sales Enablement Impacts Many Roles

The Right Label for the Right Application

Not All Labels Are Created Equal

With decorative, functional and safety uses, manufactures require high performance for specific needs. Taylor Communications is the only company that offers varying degrees of durability.
  • Works with nearly all resins and rubber
  • Meets child safety regulations
  • Only UL Approved IML product on the market
  • Conserves energy & is recyclable
  • Complements automation
  • Requires no costly mold changes
  • Uses UV-resistant ink
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces
  • Permanently bonds to the product

And that's what IML's all about (and more).

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Close the CRM Loop with Integration

Distributed Marketer's Dream

In this world of instant information and 24/7 access across so many channels makes it hard to keep up as a consumer, much less as a brand. We’ve found that companies need help re-inventing their brand experience and managing the operations to deliver on what their customers deserve and expect. With SMARTworks CONNECT, a integration marketers can integrate marketing content with and use CRM data to personalize and deliver content across multiple channels. Result: instant access, personalize and deliver market ready content.

Featured Offerings

integrated billing

Integrated Statement Billing

It's more than just "collecting the cash", right? If statements and bill are the company's Achilles' heel, see how Taylor Communications can help determine what to do next. Increase customer adoption rate for e-billing and reduce days sales outstanding (DSOs). Let us show you how to impact results with:
  • Design
  • Data
  • Delivery
  • Feedback
Increase eBill Adoption
Franchise marketing

Franchise Marketing

Franchises are challenged to meet the needs and  expectations of local customers, while aligning to corporate standards and guidelines. With SMARTworks, a cloud-based content distribution management platform, franchisors can more effectively deliver tools and marketing services that improve local success for the franchisee.

  • Improve connections between Zors and Zees for a better customer experience
  • Bridge the gap between corporate marketing and franchisees.
Energize Franchise Local Marketing
Product label printing in Mexico

Mexico Operations

For over a decade, international companies streamline label programs, minimize inventory, and optimize production with the same products and services as U.S. and same award-winning service.
Localize JIT Delivery and Production

Key Markets

Financial Market


Manage critical communications in a highly regulated industry. Some of the top financial institutions in the country customize messages and shorten processes while significantly improve operations leveraging our technology.
Retail Markets


Even in the fast, ever-changing pace of retail, brands confidently market fresh ideas with a single source for all communications – including store visuals, campaigns, promotional items, distribution and kitting.
Industrial Market


Driving the competitive advantage for manufacturers in a JIT world. Major manufacturers from all around the world have optimized complex networks of communications using our integrated, systematic solutions.